Private Pilot Syllabus

FirstFlight Private Pilot online lessons enable you to develop the skills you need to become a private pilot with practical, task-specific instruction. FirstFlight online flight lessons and features fully prepare you to take to the skies with a local flight instructor.

FirstFlight provides a logical learning sequence that can be followed during your actual flight training and will help prepare you for your practical test.


How to inspect the airplane prior to each flight.

Flight 1:

Taxi, takeoff, straight and level flight, turns, climbs, descent, landing and post-flight procedures.

Flight 2:

Communications and an introduction to flight by instrument reference.

Flight 3:

Slow flight, stall recognition and recovery, spin awareness, and steep turns.

Flight 4:

Ground reference maneuvers and emergency procedures.

Flight 5:

Preparation for practicing takeoffs and landings incorporating a unique FirstFlight maneuver know as the 3-D rectangular pattern.

Flight 6:

Touch and Go landings.

Flight 7:

Soft field takeoffs and landings, short field takeoffs and landings, no-flap takeoffs and landings, forward slips to landings and crosswind landings.

Flight 8:

Flight planning techniques used for cross-country flight, plus how to obtain weather information from a flight service station or using DUAT.

Flight 9:

Make a cross country flight using dead reckoning and pilotage, open and close flight plans, request flight following, plus no-tower communications.

Flight 10:

Fly cross-country using radio navigation techniques. Homing and tracking using a VOR.

Flight 11:

Night flying techniques.

Flight 12:

How to initiate a diversion, plus what to do if you are lost.

Flight 13:

Preparation for your practical test and an introduction to the skills needed to recover from unusual flight attitudes.

Your actual flight training will consist of more flights than the thirteen flights listed, and the sequence may be chnaged to suit your individual circumstances. They should be supplemented with home study and ground instruction as directed by your personal flight instructor. Depending on your rate of progress some flights will be flown more than once, and there will also be solo flights interspersed with these training sessions, which are intended to be flown with an instructor. FirstFlight online lessons are not specifically designed to serve as your sole preparation for the FAA written exam, although they certainly will assist you with that goal.


First Flight online lessons are not a substitute for study of the Pilots Operating Handbook/Airplane Flight Manual for the airplane you intend to fly.
It is essential you refer to the Pilots Operating Handbook/Airplane Flight Manual for the airplane you intend to fly for the procedures and checklists that currently apply to your airplane.

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