Effective 01Jan 2023 FirstFlight is not offering new paid subscriptions. Existing subscribers will continue to get full access until their subscriptions expire. Lesson content will not be updated on an ongoing basis so please refer to other sources for the latest flight training information.

FirstFlight is an online flight school providing online flying lessons that help you become a private pilot.

Complete “how to” instruction guides you from your FirstFlight all the way to your private pilot check ride.

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  • FirstFlight fully prepares you to take to the skies with a local flight instructor so you can progress faster and save time and money.
  • FirstFlight combines text, audio and unique animated lessons to provide you with a rich multi-media learning experience.
  • Lessons include links to a comprehensive glossary to explain key aviation terminology.
  • Expert tips and alerts included so you can benefit from the know-how of a Gold Seal instructor with many years of teaching experience.
  • FirstFlight navigation and weather logs included.
  • Budget for your training costs at different flight schools by using the FirstFlight training cost calculator.
  • Get extra help with your landings and communications from special FirstFlight features.

First Flight Private Pilot Course Index

Your actual flight training will consist of more flights than the thirteen flights listed, and the sequence may be adjusted to suit your individual circumstances. They should be supplemented with home study and ground instruction as directed by your personal flight instructor. Depending on your rate of progress, some flights will be flown more than once, and there will also be solo flights interspersed amongst these training sessions, which are intended to be flown with an instructor. FirstFlight online lessons are not specifically designed to serve as your sole preparation for the FAA written exam, although they will certainly assist you with that goal.